Using Almonds for Weight Loss


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Overweight and obesity are among the top common health issues that we are increasingly facing. There are a number of factors that contribute to overweight including depression, not consuming diet rich food, overeating and lack of enough physical exercise.

Having excess weight is not great for your health as you will be susceptible to a number of diseases and conditions. Some of the common ones include prostate, breast, and colon cancers, hypertension, stroke, respiratory problems and coronary heart disease among others.

Bowel of Almonds

If you are concerned about losing weight, then consumption of almonds is greatly recommended.There are high chances you may have probably heard or read that they are great for you. Almonds for weight loss have been used for quite some time especially in the traditional Indian medicine systems due to their medicinal benefits.And now the Almonds weight loss has been proved to be really working through various researchers.

One study found out that those who ate a diet rich in almonds were able to shed a few more pounds compared to those who ate high-carb diet having the same number of calories. In another research carried out by the Harvard Nurses’ Health Study, the researchers were able to find out that women who consumed around 90 almonds (about 5 ounces) per week were able to dramatically lower by 35% their risks of heart disease. That is compared to women who hardly ever consumed nuts.


Benefits of almonds

I. Almonds Weight loss

When you consume almonds, they are actually low in calories, with around 10 almonds having about 78 calories. Furthermore, almonds have healthy fats and fibre that are important for losing weight.

The mono-saturated fat makes almonds highly satiating. Meaning that if you feel full in most times of the day, there will be low chances of you overeating that often causes weight gain. The rich fibre contained on the other hand is great for proper digestion and of course healthy bowel movement.

Naturally, if food is not properly digested then a healthy bowel movement will not be permitted. This situation leads to the food not properly digested being converted into fats and thus deposited in our body. That is what leads to weight gain. Consuming almonds is therefore important for weight loss.

Weight Loss

II. Good for proper digestion

The insoluble fibres help in promoting a strong digestive system. With a strong digestive, it means foods will be digested completely which promotes less fat in the body. Furthermore, the fibres help in treating constipation thus boosting the rate of our metabolism. Increased rate of metabolism is important for weight loss as excess fats are burned in the body to release the energy needed for normal body functioning.


III. High energy levels

Almonds contain a host of micro-nutrients including manganese, copper and riboflavin that is crucially important in maintaining the high levels of your energy for daily activities. Additionally, almonds have proteins for development of muscle mass that is lean and is important for physical alertness.


IV. Good for boosting Brainpower

Riboflavin and L-carnitine are two important brain nutrients contained in almonds that have been shown to be great for boosting brainpower. Moreover, almonds are also rich in potassium that has been made known to increase mental alertness and also great for boosting brain memory.


V. Source of antioxidants

Almonds are rich in Vitamins E, an antioxidant. This increases the flow of blood thus easy contraction of muscles.Also, the antioxidants are able to safeguard your cells against oxidative damage that tends to contribute a lot to ageing.

VI. Beautiful skin

Vitamin E is rich in almonds is important in nourishing your skin and reducing ageing signs. Vitamin E is able to protect the collagen and elastin proteins that serve to attach together your skin cells from possible damage by free radicals. For you to have a beautiful and young looking skin, collagen and elastin are that crucial.

Often doctors also endorse the use of almond oil for massaging newborn babies because of the workings of the oil, making a smooth and glowing skin.

Better Health

VII. Hair nourishment

A number of essential vitamins important for a strong and long hair are contained in almond including oleic acid, Vitamin B1and B6, Vitamin A and Vitamin e. Furthermore, rich magnesium contained is important in promoting hair growth.



In conclusion, if you are concerned about losing weight then it is recommended that you replace almonds with your fast food.In addition, always remember that you really have to chew almonds properly to avoid over stuffing in your stomach.Just only a few almonds will be able to make you feel full. You can add other healthy fruit or vegetable such as carrot for the reason that you avoid adding grain foods. If you add grain foods after consuming almonds then you will have high levels of insulin in your blood. This will make you feel hungry again and thwart any attempts to use the stored body fats for producing essential energy and helping you in weight loss.


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