These three 15-minute workouts will torch major calories

Workout on Beach

Regardless of whether you’re looking for a way to get into shape before you go on vacation and hit the beach or you want to look perfect for your profile photo on that cougar dating site, going to the gym or simply working out at your home is something you have to do regularly if you want to look your best.

However, getting rid of a lot of weight quickly isn’t an easy feat, even if you’re on some kind of diet. In that name, here are three 15-minute workouts that will help you torch major calories in no time.



High-intensity interval training (HIIT) has been around for about a decade now and is something many athletes and professional trainers swear by. Even some bodybuilders can confirm that this type of training is among the best.

All in all, nobody can deny the effectiveness and results but also the brutality and demanding nature of the HIIT workout. Namely, this type of training can be so excruciating yet so rewarding at the same time that there’s basically nothing that can come close to it.

The whole point of this approach is to do exercises in quick succession, as fast as possible and be as explosive about it as you can. While doing this, you are putting your body to the ultimate test of strength, precision and endurance which will ultimately result in building stamina and muscle while burning away a lot of fat.

Pull Up Training

Pull-Up ‘till You Drop Down

If you’re looking for a simple exercise that will set your muscles on fire, you can find it in the form of an endless pull-up. A workout based around this exercise can be the perfect tool not only for seriously building your upper body muscles but also for burning immense amounts of calories.

So, how does the 15-minute workout where the pull-up is the focal point look like exactly? Well, you simply need to do one set of as many reps as you can possibly withstand before the pain and the burn overwhelm you.

Here’s a starter variation: do as many pull-ups as you can for 120 seconds, rest for 30, then repeat the cycle until the pain becomes unbearable. It will hurt, but it will be totally worth it in the end!


Defeated by the Dumbbell

For all of you out there who are ready to experience the ultimate torture and shred a considerable number of pounds in the process, we’ve got the perfect workout for you – all you need is a pair of fairly heavy dumbbells and enough willpower and stamina to put yourself through a series of brutal exercises.

Start with a couple of sets of renegade rows, which are done by going from shoulder press to squat to an explosive jump. Then, add pushups to the movement for even more sets, and finally, do a dumbbell raise until your arms collapse from all the pain and suffering. This workout engages most muscles in your body, but your shoulders and arms will definitely feel the most of it.

Video (Lose weight in 15 Days and 15 Minute Workout


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