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10 Impressive Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil


The coconut plant is common in tropical countries. Some people grow this beauty in plantations after discovering its health benefits. Today, coconut products have had an increase in popularity on and off the tropics. Its antifungal and antibacterial traits are amongst the most attractive things to look for in coconut products. Here are some of the significant health benefits you get from coconuts and their products.

1. Hair care solution

Every lady gets worried when their hair gets tangled. The hair becomes hard to manage and breaks during dis-entangling. Some of the hair products used to untangle the hair end up making one’s head greasy and uncomfortable. The oils change smells from sweet to freaky; forcing you to wash your hair and weaken your scalp continually. Coconut is the ultimate solution to tame your hair. The oil is butter like and ensures your hair is tangle free and shiny all day long.

Also, the oil helps improve hair growth. It is also a good conditioner getting damaged hair stronger than before. In the end, once your head is massaged with coconut oil, that is the end of your worries against dandruff.

Coconut Hair Shampoo

2. Skincare

Coconut oil has been in skin service for centuries. Its antibacterial and antifungal traits help keep off myriads of skin conditions all in one product. For starters, coconut oil is excellent moisturizing oil for your skin. Skin flaking and drying will be an issue of the past. Secondly, no one is ever ready to see wrinkles or sagging skin on his or her body. With coconut oil, your skin restores its youthful glow. Thirdly, skin infections such as eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis do not stand A CHANCE AGAINST COCONUT OIL. Skin care products such as soaps, beauty creams, and lotions and so on, come with coconut oils antifungal abilities. They will also fight bacteria as they ant oxidize your skin.

3. Weight loss solution

The first way coconut oil will help you lose weight is by substituting butter products. Whether it is in spreading toast, cooking, baking, etc., Coconut oil is a perfect replacement. Coconut Oils have come in medium chain fatty acids thus reducing excessive weight gain. Their ketones are easy to digest lowering stress levels in the pancreas trying to digest ordinary fats and oils. In addition to this, coconuts and their oils help subtle-down one’s appetite demands. When dieting, they are a great way to keep your tummy distracted from excessive eating and snacking.

Coconut Soup

4. Immunity improvement

Coconuts are based in caprice acid, laurel acid, caprylic acid and antimicrobial lipids. One’s body will change lauric acid into monolaurin that in turns fights off bacteria and viruses that would otherwise cause infections such as influenza, herpes, and cytomegalovirus.

5. Reduces insulin resistance

In type two diabetes, patients frequent insulin resistance from their bodies. Once the cells in the body reject insulin, the body cannot use glucose as an energy source all the insulin from the pancreases gets excessive coconuts ketones give your body consistent energy source other than glucose.


6. Improves dental health

Coconut oil is no modern fad in dental hygiene. Oil pulling was the traditional dental cleaning method before toothpaste invention. Swishing oil around the mouth helped rid off bacteria in the mouth thus dental health. With 20 minutes of dental switching at least three times a week, your dental health will show a sharp improvement in no time. You will have fewer worries of getting the plaque, periodontal disease, etc. also, coconut helps improve your body’s calcium absorption rate.

7. Improving digestion

Irritable bowel system is one of the most common digestive problems affecting people today. Saturated coconut oils have antifungal properties fighting off bacteria that cause incomplete digestion and inflammation in the gut. Also, they will improve once the rate of absorption for digested foods.

Coconut Dishes

8. Anti-inflammation and arthritis

Coconut oil is rich in antioxidant levels. Especially coconut oil harvested in medium heat will suppress inflammations in no time. It can also act as the analgesic for patients. The calcium absorption benefits from coconut oil help reduce risks or osteoporosis in the elderly.


stevepb / Pixabay

9. Candida prevention and treatment

Candida can be described as the excessive yeast growth in one’s body egg in the stomach. This leads to inflammation in the digestive tract. Coconut Oil helps lower this inflammation and reduce the pain. Coconut oil is also gentle on the patient. They will not suffer side effects from sudden withdrawal from their usual medication.

10. Improves on general organ health

Apart from healthy liver, pancreases, and kidneys, coconut oil also looks out for your heart. Unlike animal fats and other plants fats, coconut oil increases healthy cholesterol HDL in your system. The LDL or bad cholesterol is reduced thus reducing heart disease risks.

silviarita / Pixabay


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How Does Cutting Carbs To Lose Weight Help You?

Carbs Pasta Plate


The phrase cutting back on carbs has almost become a fad as more and more people resort to guarded dieting as a means of losing weight.

It is also important to remember that many of us have learnt to associate the word carbs with outright weight gain but as we shall find out here, not all carbs are bad. Indeed, there are those that our bodies actually need so as to remain healthy and vibrant.

Why Should We Cut Back On Carbs?

Processed carbs are one of the worst impediments to our weight loss goals. On an average day, we eat lots of refined carbs and unknown to us, these carbs play a direct role in preventing us from shedding off the extra pounds off our bodies. The way it works is that these refined carbs stimulate the production of insulin which is responsible for the storage of fats in the body.
Insulin also induces hunger sensation and food cravings, thus preventing the access of the fat stored in the body. The body, therefore, persists in fat storage mode and when this fat is unable to be used, it builds up and is what is responsible for our weight problems.

It is also important to note that these excessive fats are normally found in the adipose tissues that are located around the waist area; which is why the most manifest signs of weight gain occur around this area.

As these fats are a direct consequence of our unchecked intake of carbs, it is only natural that in order to avoid them, we need to watch what we eat; or at least the amounts of carbs we consume on daily basis.

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What Carbs Should I Avoid/Reduce?

1. Products Of Refined Wheat

Refined wheat products such as bread and virtually all other bakery products must be avoided or reduced as they have the strongest effects on the blood sugar level, and consequently our level of insulin stimulation.

Therefore, it is better to come up with replacement meals for refined wheat products. And just in case you find it difficult to cut back on these products, experts advise that you instead insist on rye bread. It is especially preferred due to its slow digesting nature, hence it will keep you feeling fuller for longer, thereby enabling you to overcome more cravings for bakery products.

Rye Bread

2. White Rice

Though not as dangerous as refined wheat products, excessive consumption of white rice is known to spike up the hormone insulin. The evidence of the effects of white rice in weight gain can be seen amongst the Japanese sumo wrestlers that are known to consume lots of glycemic white rice just so they can fatten up.

Brown rice is advised as it is slower digesting hence helps reduce hunger and food cravings. An even better option is the wild rice that comes with a great flavour as well as antioxidants that protect our bodies from free radicals.

3. Potatoes

Organic potatoes offer immense benefits to our immune system in that they are rich in fibre, vitamin C as well as other essential minerals such as manganese, potassium and copper. However, not so many of us consume these potatoes organically. Instead, we have had an unbreakable love affair with French fries and manufactured potato chips. These are not necessarily beneficial to our bodies but instead riddle us with too much sodium chloride and acrylamide which weigh negatively on our blood sugar level, hence leading to an overall weight gain.

It is recommended that you only take a small portion of the organic potatoes or replace them with more weight-friendly foods in this family such as pumpkins, sweet potatoes, and butternut squash among many others. These are not only rich in fibre but also contain lots of antioxidants that are good for the body

Also, Remember…..

You might not succeed in eliminating the foods that contain processed carbs completely from your diet. As a matter of fact, you need not to; especially if you are unable to find a suitable replacement. There are other strategies you can employ to ensure you still reduce these carbs and one of the most important ones is reducing the consumption of sugar in all your other foods. If you succeed in this, it won’t matter anymore the foods you are targeting as you will have succeeded in keeping the insulin level within reasonable limits.


Another measure you can take is skipping breakfast so as to allow the body to make use of the adipose fats. Whatever way you approach this, it is evident that any carbs-elated weight loss requires diligence and patience if any results are to be seen.


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Using Almonds for Weight Loss


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Overweight and obesity are among the top common health issues that we are increasingly facing. There are a number of factors that contribute to overweight including depression, not consuming diet rich food, overeating and lack of enough physical exercise.

Having excess weight is not great for your health as you will be susceptible to a number of diseases and conditions. Some of the common ones include prostate, breast, and colon cancers, hypertension, stroke, respiratory problems and coronary heart disease among others.

Bowel of Almonds

If you are concerned about losing weight, then consumption of almonds is greatly recommended.There are high chances you may have probably heard or read that they are great for you. Almonds for weight loss have been used for quite some time especially in the traditional Indian medicine systems due to their medicinal benefits.And now the Almonds weight loss has been proved to be really working through various researchers.

One study found out that those who ate a diet rich in almonds were able to shed a few more pounds compared to those who ate high-carb diet having the same number of calories. In another research carried out by the Harvard Nurses’ Health Study, the researchers were able to find out that women who consumed around 90 almonds (about 5 ounces) per week were able to dramatically lower by 35% their risks of heart disease. That is compared to women who hardly ever consumed nuts.


Benefits of almonds

I. Almonds Weight loss

When you consume almonds, they are actually low in calories, with around 10 almonds having about 78 calories. Furthermore, almonds have healthy fats and fibre that are important for losing weight.

The mono-saturated fat makes almonds highly satiating. Meaning that if you feel full in most times of the day, there will be low chances of you overeating that often causes weight gain. The rich fibre contained on the other hand is great for proper digestion and of course healthy bowel movement.

Naturally, if food is not properly digested then a healthy bowel movement will not be permitted. This situation leads to the food not properly digested being converted into fats and thus deposited in our body. That is what leads to weight gain. Consuming almonds is therefore important for weight loss.

Weight Loss

II. Good for proper digestion

The insoluble fibres help in promoting a strong digestive system. With a strong digestive, it means foods will be digested completely which promotes less fat in the body. Furthermore, the fibres help in treating constipation thus boosting the rate of our metabolism. Increased rate of metabolism is important for weight loss as excess fats are burned in the body to release the energy needed for normal body functioning.


III. High energy levels

Almonds contain a host of micro-nutrients including manganese, copper and riboflavin that is crucially important in maintaining the high levels of your energy for daily activities. Additionally, almonds have proteins for development of muscle mass that is lean and is important for physical alertness.


IV. Good for boosting Brainpower

Riboflavin and L-carnitine are two important brain nutrients contained in almonds that have been shown to be great for boosting brainpower. Moreover, almonds are also rich in potassium that has been made known to increase mental alertness and also great for boosting brain memory.


V. Source of antioxidants

Almonds are rich in Vitamins E, an antioxidant. This increases the flow of blood thus easy contraction of muscles.Also, the antioxidants are able to safeguard your cells against oxidative damage that tends to contribute a lot to ageing.

VI. Beautiful skin

Vitamin E is rich in almonds is important in nourishing your skin and reducing ageing signs. Vitamin E is able to protect the collagen and elastin proteins that serve to attach together your skin cells from possible damage by free radicals. For you to have a beautiful and young looking skin, collagen and elastin are that crucial.

Often doctors also endorse the use of almond oil for massaging newborn babies because of the workings of the oil, making a smooth and glowing skin.

Better Health

VII. Hair nourishment

A number of essential vitamins important for a strong and long hair are contained in almond including oleic acid, Vitamin B1and B6, Vitamin A and Vitamin e. Furthermore, rich magnesium contained is important in promoting hair growth.



In conclusion, if you are concerned about losing weight then it is recommended that you replace almonds with your fast food.In addition, always remember that you really have to chew almonds properly to avoid over stuffing in your stomach.Just only a few almonds will be able to make you feel full. You can add other healthy fruit or vegetable such as carrot for the reason that you avoid adding grain foods. If you add grain foods after consuming almonds then you will have high levels of insulin in your blood. This will make you feel hungry again and thwart any attempts to use the stored body fats for producing essential energy and helping you in weight loss.


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Top 7 Benefits Of Waking Up Early

Waking up Early in Bed
A common characteristic of all successful people is their ability to achieve a high rate of productivity is waking up early. This is possibly only through an well organized lifestyle, the basic characteristic of which is their early waking health.


We have compiled here the top 7 benefits of Waking Up Early


1. More Productivity

The earlier in the day you get up the more productive you become. This is because you have more time to concentrate on the tasks at hand. Your mind is clearer than during any other part of the day. The brain works faster and you can handle the matters more efficiently because you have a better grasp of the situation. Early in the morning, the brain is like memory of a computer that has just been rebooted. It is not cluttered and that allows it to work faster and understand matters more clearly. This helps in faster decision making and problem-solving.


2. Clarity of Thought

The brain works best when the focus is right. The presence of too many strands of thought in the mind slows down the whole thought process. This hinders the brain’s ability to find a solution. That is why concentration is important and it is the highest during the morning hours. Clarity of thought helps us to repeatedly make all the right decisions.




3. More Creativity

The early morning environment is much quieter than during other times of the day. Quietness is a quality that promotes creativity and productivity. Creativity helps us think out of the box. As you know, many of the better solutions are the result of people thinking out of the box. They often tend to be fresh and simple. We are able to approach problems from new angles, which were otherwise hidden from us. Yes, such solutions must have always existed, but we never saw them because we did not look for them. The early morning ambiance has the ability to reveal to us what had been hidden from us.


4. Order in life

Waking up early in the morning on a regular basis means you are able to go to bed at the right time every day. This brings order to life. An orderly life helps improve your health and peace of mind. When you are aware that you have to wake up early the next morning, you tend to sleep early. This includes avoiding getting into activities that will affect your peaceful sleep like watching TV, using the laptop or smartphone late into the night.


5. Better Health

An orderly lifestyle helps to improve your health. This is because the body systems develop their own rhythm. They get adequate rest at the right intervals which help in improving their overall health and functional efficiency. This harmony is what we call a healthy condition.


Better Health


6. Better Interpersonal Relationships

When we have more time on our hands, we become more relaxed. This has a bearing on our interaction with our family and friends. An improved interaction results in closer ties. It also improves the quality of our relations with our dear ones and the overall quality of life we lead.





7. Restful Sleep

Fitful or inadequate sleep is a common complaint among a lot of people, especially those who have unhealthy eating and sleeping habits. We can easily rectify this by following a timetable of eating and sleeping. These two are in fact related. We should eat early in the evening so that we do not get into the bed with a full stomach. This is because a full stomach can disturb our sleep. And a disturbed sleep affects the quality of our mornings.


Restful sleep


We can see that waking up early is healthy and is a covetable objective because of its different benefits to our body, mind, and life in general.



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