How can a cosmetic dentist help you attain a gorgeous smile?

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You look great when your smile is beautiful. And when your teeth are healthy, white and bright, it reflects in your confidence. Today it’s also possible to improve any aspect of smile and achieve that desired look. In fact, more people now visit cosmetic dentists these days to fix their damaged, crooked, stained or discoloured teeth so that their smile does not look bad. Such dentists are in big demand because unhealthy and ugly teeth not only take away facial charms but also pose a variety of physical issues. They can make eating, speaking difficult and this is how quality can go out of your life.

A cosmetic dentist can help in many ways, including –

  • Fix dental flaws of any nature
  • Improve any aspect of your smile
  • Restore facial beauty and physical prowess
  • Help you get a desired smile
  • Make you feel confident

Clearly, a visit to cosmetic dentist can help a lot if your teeth are damaged and your smile is affected adversely. Such a dentist can help you attain a gorgeous smile by many ways, including –

1. Missing Teeth Replacement  

Missing teeth is a common issue and it can strike to anyone. You may have seen people with a few tooth gaps or a few missing teeth impacting their smile considerably. They needn’t worry as a cosmetic dentist is there to restore the smile and make them feel confident. In fact, natural-looking tooth restorations are there for replacing one or more of missing teeth and let people get a perfect smile. Based on the severity of the problem, the dentist can use implant, crown, bridge or denture to fill gaps in smile in a pain-free and smooth manner.

2. Teeth Whitening 

A smile can also get affected when the teeth are not as bright and white as they should be. Cases are many where stained or discolored teeth take away the natural lustre of the smile and leave one looking bad. A cosmetic dentist is can help in such situations by using professional tooth whitening to restore the desired whiteness and brightness of your teeth. based on the severity of the issue, the dentist can recommend one of in-office or at-home whitening systems to let you have a stain-free smile.\

3. Teeth Reshaping  

A gorgeous smile is not possible unless your teeth are in perfect shape. Your teeth can wear down, become pointy or go out of shape due to regular tear & wear. If any of these issues bothers you, it’s time to consult a cosmetic dentist and seek treatment. Teeth reshaping is possible where the dentist can use some dentistry procedures to fix the issue and restore the charms of your smile. In most cases, porcelain veneers are used as they get shaped accordingly to fit your tooth shape easily.

4. Damaged Teeth Restoration  

Cracks, chips or discoloration are common to teeth. They are the result of continued wear & tear your pearly whites have to go through over the years. Naturally, they fall under the category of damaged teeth with the potential to dilute the beauty of your smile. However, veneers and bonding are used as one of several cosmetic procedures to hide away such damages and lend you a desired smile. More so, a dental crown may be used to fix teeth that are broken or badly decayed.

5. Teeth Straightening    

Your teeth can become crooked or they can get misaligned due to various reasons. And when that happens, the smile will be a casualty. Such teeth are not only bad from aesthetic point of view but can also weaken dental prowess in a big way. That’s why you need them straightened using metal braces or aligners, as cosmetic dentists often rely on these techniques to straighten teeth. Plastic aligners are in use a lot as they help teeth get back into their right shape and space in stages.

6. Change Teeth Length  

It’s possible to change teeth length and enhance the beauty of your smile. There is no problem even if you have small teeth as a cosmetic dentist can help change the shape. To do the same, dental veneers are bonded to the tooth surface to change is length and shape accordingly. The good thing, a cosmetic dental clinic will let you decide the size, colour and shape of the veneers to fetch you a perfect smile. This is how you feel good about yourself and you start spreading the magic of your smile.

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