10 Impressive Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil


The coconut plant is common in tropical countries. Some people grow this beauty in plantations after discovering its health benefits. Today, coconut products have had an increase in popularity on and off the tropics. Its antifungal and antibacterial traits are amongst the most attractive things to look for in coconut products. Here are some of the significant health benefits you get from coconuts and their products.

1. Hair care solution

Every lady gets worried when their hair gets tangled. The hair becomes hard to manage and breaks during dis-entangling. Some of the hair products used to untangle the hair end up making one’s head greasy and uncomfortable. The oils change smells from sweet to freaky; forcing you to wash your hair and weaken your scalp continually. Coconut is the ultimate solution to tame your hair. The oil is butter like and ensures your hair is tangle free and shiny all day long.

Also, the oil helps improve hair growth. It is also a good conditioner getting damaged hair stronger than before. In the end, once your head is massaged with coconut oil, that is the end of your worries against dandruff.

Coconut Hair Shampoo

2. Skincare

Coconut oil has been in skin service for centuries. Its antibacterial and antifungal traits help keep off myriads of skin conditions all in one product. For starters, coconut oil is excellent moisturizing oil for your skin. Skin flaking and drying will be an issue of the past. Secondly, no one is ever ready to see wrinkles or sagging skin on his or her body. With coconut oil, your skin restores its youthful glow. Thirdly, skin infections such as eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis do not stand A CHANCE AGAINST COCONUT OIL. Skin care products such as soaps, beauty creams, and lotions and so on, come with coconut oils antifungal abilities. They will also fight bacteria as they ant oxidize your skin.

3. Weight loss solution

The first way coconut oil will help you lose weight is by substituting butter products. Whether it is in spreading toast, cooking, baking, etc., Coconut oil is a perfect replacement. Coconut Oils have come in medium chain fatty acids thus reducing excessive weight gain. Their ketones are easy to digest lowering stress levels in the pancreas trying to digest ordinary fats and oils. In addition to this, coconuts and their oils help subtle-down one’s appetite demands. When dieting, they are a great way to keep your tummy distracted from excessive eating and snacking.

Coconut Soup

4. Immunity improvement

Coconuts are based in caprice acid, laurel acid, caprylic acid and antimicrobial lipids. One’s body will change lauric acid into monolaurin that in turns fights off bacteria and viruses that would otherwise cause infections such as influenza, herpes, and cytomegalovirus.

5. Reduces insulin resistance

In type two diabetes, patients frequent insulin resistance from their bodies. Once the cells in the body reject insulin, the body cannot use glucose as an energy source all the insulin from the pancreases gets excessive coconuts ketones give your body consistent energy source other than glucose.


6. Improves dental health

Coconut oil is no modern fad in dental hygiene. Oil pulling was the traditional dental cleaning method before toothpaste invention. Swishing oil around the mouth helped rid off bacteria in the mouth thus dental health. With 20 minutes of dental switching at least three times a week, your dental health will show a sharp improvement in no time. You will have fewer worries of getting the plaque, periodontal disease, etc. also, coconut helps improve your body’s calcium absorption rate.

7. Improving digestion

Irritable bowel system is one of the most common digestive problems affecting people today. Saturated coconut oils have antifungal properties fighting off bacteria that cause incomplete digestion and inflammation in the gut. Also, they will improve once the rate of absorption for digested foods.

Coconut Dishes

8. Anti-inflammation and arthritis

Coconut oil is rich in antioxidant levels. Especially coconut oil harvested in medium heat will suppress inflammations in no time. It can also act as the analgesic for patients. The calcium absorption benefits from coconut oil help reduce risks or osteoporosis in the elderly.


stevepb / Pixabay

9. Candida prevention and treatment

Candida can be described as the excessive yeast growth in one’s body egg in the stomach. This leads to inflammation in the digestive tract. Coconut Oil helps lower this inflammation and reduce the pain. Coconut oil is also gentle on the patient. They will not suffer side effects from sudden withdrawal from their usual medication.

10. Improves on general organ health

Apart from healthy liver, pancreases, and kidneys, coconut oil also looks out for your heart. Unlike animal fats and other plants fats, coconut oil increases healthy cholesterol HDL in your system. The LDL or bad cholesterol is reduced thus reducing heart disease risks.

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