The Negative Effects of Sugar

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Sugar: A Slow Addictive Poison

Don’t give me any sugar, said nobody! We all love & crave sugar. With patisseries, bakeries, supermarkets, chocolate makers creating customised sugar treats leaving the market flooded with sugary products. One may argue why not? Sugar is sweet as hell and also tastes fantastic. So why wouldn’t we want a little (This is an understatement) sugar. Did you know sugar causes overstimulation of the reward centre located in our brains are activated thus making us sugar addicts? Fun fact wasn’t it! One may question, why is it that we eat sugar? Well, its simple when you consume sugar it releases a large amount of dopamine which is a feel-good hormone. With repeated consumption of sugar our threshold to tolerate sugar increases leading to over consumption. Sugar has a powerful effect on our brains, much like that of drugs.



Similarities: Sugar & Drugs

As we know by now, Sugar & Drugs have similar adverse effects on our body. Dopamine, the hormone is reward centric hormone. Once the hormone gets rewarded with sugar the dopamine levels get spiked and the tolerance level builds up. Much like drugs, if you abstain from sugar it leads to adverse withdrawal symptoms. For that matter, Caffeine is also addictive as it has similar effects as sugar. A lot of people experience headaches, feel irritable & tired if abstained from coffee. Scientists experimented on lab rats by making them dependent and later on abstaining them from it, the results showed that rats got clear withdrawal symptoms. Sugar also has similar effects as that of heroine & morphine.

Now let’s talk about cravings, simply put a very powerful feeling where the brain calls out for a reward. It isn’t so much of a bodily need for energy, it is just a reward call. Surely our body needs sugar but the right kind. Such as those found in whole food like fruit and vegetables. Much like sugar & caffeine, junk food is also as addictive as drugs, cigarettes & other substances. Overconsumption of sugar reduces the number of dopamine receptors in order to keep balance. A major factor in addiction and craving have ill implications on physical and internal health. Such as obesity rates are drastically increased with repeated consumption of sugar. Overindulgence in sugar changes the blood flow in some areas of the brain. When it comes to measuring addiction and cravings, It was notices that there are several behavioural symptoms which are physical namely as – drowsiness, change in behaviour, cross sensitization etc. Animals that are tested for sugar dependence are also prone to get addicted to amphetamine/cocaine as well. Numerous research has shown that lab rats get addicted to Oreo cookies, beating drugs by a significant majority. This is result of brain increasing the tolerance towards sugar leading to a desire for a larger dose of sugary items.


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One of the many negative implications of sugar is the symptom of binge eating. Binging provides very low amount of nutrient value which the body needs such as fibre, mineral, proteins. Binging results in a lot of health problems such as heart diseases, decline in metabolism, diabetes, cancer, premature winkles – the list is endless!


Sugar is unnatural and white sugar is nothing but a big disguise for a man-made poison. Industrially produced sugar is not fit for human consumption. It does not have any nutrient, and is considered by many as a deadly white powder. We could go one step ahead and say that sugar is worst than poison or even drugs. Right from birth babies are handed sugary products and that habit later on turns into a bad addiction. On the flipside, we knowingly continue to consume sugar food products. The food processing industry tantalises us with attractive packaging, aggressive marketing & advertising. With the advent of refined sugar which did not exist for a really long time, today consumption of refined sugar has hit millions of tonnes. All the sugar that is good for our body is present in natural ingredients that keep us healthy. Sugar being toxic in nature leads to overall devastation of our health. However, since sugar is considered “food” we continue to consume it in large quantities on a daily basis. Since it is falsely advertised to be harmless, we do not pay much heed to it. Truth being that sugar is a poison in disguise know to mankind. Beware, sugar is a trap!

Sugar CubesAlways try alternatives to sugar or try avoid it completely


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