Is Soy Bad For You, or Good? The Shocking Truth

Soy Milk

Is Soy Bad for You, or Good? The Shocking Truth

A caring friend has probably kept you up to speed with the detrimental health effects soy consumption can have on you. The last few decades have seen soy gain herself’ quite an audience, nay-sayers, and yea-sayers alike. The question on every consumer’s and nutritionist’s mind is “is soy bad for you or good”? The question has been thrown back and forth for some time now with no clear answers to show for it.

This article attempts to separate facts from rumours. We delve deeper into the soy issue’ giving you a detailed account of its dietary value and side effects, but first things first let’s try to understand what soy is.

Soy and its Use

Soy’s origin can easily be traced back to the East of Asia with countries such as the United States only recently adopting the legume. Soy is a common household delicacy with most of its consumers opting to use it in tofu, dairy, soy milk and to some it is the perfect meat substitute. Additionally, the legume is a splendid addition to fermented foods like tempeh, miso, and nato.

It is, however, important that consumers cook soy before consumption since it is highly poisonous in its raw form.

Benefits of consuming Soy

Soy is extracted from the soybean plant which is ascribed to the legume family. Like is the norm to most legumes, beans, peas and green grams, soybeans are high in protein value.

Dietary Value of Soy

Nutritionists estimate the protein content in a three-quarter cup of cooked soybeans to be at 75 grams which is similar to the protein content in a half cup of cooked fish or meat. Consequently, soy is higher in fat in comparison to other legumes which contain almost zero to none fat content. The later should not come as a downer to those checking on their calorie intake; this is because of the fat present in soy checks into the good fat’ books.

Soy Milk

Other than that, soy is an excellent source mineral such as iron and calcium. Calcium is highly recommended for its ability to build and maintain strong and healthy bones and teeth while iron typically ferries oxygen to muscle cells and tissues. Also, soy is abundant in the
antioxidants isoflavones.


Health Benefits of Soy

Heightened Body Metabolism Rate


Like previously mentioned, soy is one of the most reliable sources of protein. Proteins are known to ameliorate the body’s metabolism while at the same time boosting the overall body functionality.


Typically, proteins are referred to as the building blocks of blood vessels and cells which are some of the essential components of a human being. The proteins obtained from soybeans ensure quick regrowth of broken down cells that otherwise need to be replaced or repaired.


Healthy Way to Gaining and Losing Weight

Soy works wonders regarding curbing that excess appetite which, over time, reduces overeating which is linked to obesity and many other lifestyle diseases. Consequently, soybeans are rich in fibre which, if eaten in large quantities, can help one gain weight. With soy, you can have the best of both worlds.


Lowering the Risk of Cancer

We had previously disclosed that soy is abundant in the antioxidants isoflavones. Antioxidants, in this case, isoflavones, work wonders when it comes to fighting off cancer. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals which are dangerous after results of cellular metabolism. The free radicals, is not eradicated early enough, can cause normal cells to transmute into hazardous cancerous cells. The high fibre content in soy is also known to put colon cancer on the low.

Soy Milk

Disadvantages of Consuming Soy

Exposure to Carcinogens

94% of the soy produced in the USA is genetically engineered. Genetically engineered plants are specially designed to withstand the effects of herbicides. In the process of planting, the genetically engineered soybeans absorb a hefty amount of glycophytes which, with time, accumulates in one’s body. Glycophytes is known to cause miscarriages and abnormal fetal development.


Other adverse side effects of soy include;

  1. Throat itchiness
  2. Accumulation of gas in one’s stomach



Like everything else, soy has its pros and cons. Our extract has given you a clear picture of what each side of the coin looks like. We leave it for you to decide; is soy bad or good for you?



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