Health Benefits Of Kimchee (Kimchi): The Tangy Tasty Korean Superfood


Kimchee is one of the most phenomenal cuisines in Korea and other Asian countries. The chi in its pronunciation refers to nature’s energy in most Asian cultures. It uses Chinese cabbage and lactic acid bacteria to ferment the meal giving myriads of health outcomes. Here are some of the reasons why you need to get yourself some Kimchee in your daily menu.

First let’s get the elephant of the room. There are many ways to spell Kimchee or Kimchee, but South Koreans prefer it spelt Kimchee.

Helps You Watch Your Cholesterol

Kimchi recipe usually incorporates the goodness of garlic, onions, and pepper. Garlic’s selenium goes eliminating any cholesterol in your artery walls. The onions ensure your HDL levels are always high so that all the cholesterol reaches your gallbladder. From here, the vitamin C facilitates the conversion of the cholesterol for disposal purposes. Fermented kimchi also comes in handy in lowering levels of bad cholesterol in the blood, together with excessive glucose. The regular washing off of cholesterol from your body will prevent arteriosclerosis and plaque development.


Enhances Efficiency In The Digestive Tract

 offers probiotics from its fermentation. During this fermentation, the kimchee creates and multiplies the levels of lactobacillus and bifidobacteria. Lactobacillus helps maintain intestinal flora health. The bacteria ensure that the sludge-like matter in the intestines never accumulates preventing intestinal wall absorption. Bifidobacteria, on the other hand, give our body’s vitamin B that is rare in the vegetables you consume. The fibers in Kimchi prevent constipation by stabilizing your bowel movement in the body.

Boosting Your Immunity

One of the ways Kimchi keeps your protection at its peak is by its antioxidant ingredients such as pepper that are natural scavengers of oxygen free radicals in the body. With flavonoids and phenols, the pepper shields your body against oxidative damages. Secondly, cabbage in Kimchi offers sulphides and isocyanate components that aid in antioxidizing the body and preventing and treating inflammations. Thirdly, ingredients such as garlic, pepper, onions, and ginger are renown worldwide to fight off colds and flu and prevent infections.

Weight Watching

When trying to lose weight, food cravings are one of your greatest enemies. Shortly after a meal, your body starts demanding more input for energy and sometimes just mere cravings. Kimchis low-calorie diet comes packed with nutrients armed with satiating fibers. These fibres give you a fullness feeling helping fight off your sugar addiction. Also, studies show that the fermenting of Kimchi helps improve on the BMI and body fat levels in obese people.


Fighting Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease where the body becomes insulin resistant resulting in elevated glucose levels. Research has it that cabbage-based Kimchi helps reduce the body’s resistance to insulin in people with diabetes. This, in turn, lowers the levels of glucose in the patient’s blood. In just four weeks of eating Kimchi, a diabetic patient will have improved diabetics status. It is an excellent delicacy for diabetic patients especially considering their restricted diet options.

A dish deeply ingrained in the Korean history, Kimchee has much to offer. In fact, statistics show Korea to be the country with the least cases of obesity following their healthy and sumptuous dish. With low fat and oils content and limited meat component, you must put Kimchee in your must-try cuisines. Have a taste of nature’s energy and reap the health benefits.

How to make Traditional Kimchi


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