Health Benefits of Ginger Turmeric Tea

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Apart from being used as regular spices in most recipes ginger and turmeric prove beneficial to our daily health needs. Originating from one family of Zingiberaceae the properties of ginger and turmeric are almost similar though being from different species. The extra properties are however beneficial to our health. When combined in a cup of tea the similar properties are potentiated for better health benefits while the properties that are different ensure that you are covered in a wide range of health benefits.

In this article we cover the health benefits of ginger and turmeric combined in ginger turmeric tea.

We also will give you the extra benefits of each in a summary before our conclusion.

Health benefits of ginger turmeric tea

Relief from stomach discomfort. Ginger turmeric tea has been shown to relieve a wide range of stomach discomfort disorders. These disorders range from indigestion to healing nausea and relieving pain. Nausea conditions relieved by the ginger turmeric tea include motion sickness, sea sickness, nausea from morning sickness and treatment related nausea such as that resulting from chemotherapy or that due medications used during surgery. 

Ginger tumeric tea has also been proven to relieve severe cramp pains during heavy menstrual cycles. Taking the tea just before menstruation begin will ease the pains by calming your uterine smooth muscles and preventing muscle spasms caused by inflammation.

Tumeric Ginger Tea

Active anti-inflammatory agents. Both ginger and turmeric contain anti-inflammatory properties which boost the fight against inflammation in your body. Inflammation is the property of your body to react to infection and allergic irritation and is characterized by pain, fever and in some instances exaggerated allergic symptoms in diseases such as asthma.

The anti-inflammatory properties of ginger and turmeric are able to reduce the occurrence of exaggerated symptoms and relieve from pain such as that from arthritis and muscle disorders by inhibiting inflammatory agents such as histamines and interleukin that trigger inflammation. Though the anti-inflammatory property does not act immediately, as it is dependent on the length of time one has been drinking ginger turmeric tea, ginger turmeric tea is able to alleviate these symptoms and reduce their occurrence through a period of time.

The anti-inflammatory property of this tea has also the ability to protect major body organs from inflammatory damage. These organs include your liver, pancreas, spleen, lungs and the heart which prove vital to your wellbeing.

Tumeric Ginger Tea

Functional antioxidants. The antioxidant property of ginger tumeric tea works miracles in your body by helping eliminate oxidants of chemicals within your body. Reducing oxidation from the body does not only prove helpful in clearing toxic chemicals from your body but also enhance the functioning of your brain and memory by preventing brain diseases such as the Alzheimer’s disease.

The antioxidant property also protect you from joint disease and also relieve joint pains in those who have arthritis andother bone disorders. This property also helps to curb muscle fatigue caused by toxic chemicals resulting from accumulated oxidants in your body.

Tumeric Ginger Tea

Anti-diabetic properties.It has been proven through multiple experiments that the use of ginger and turmeric over longer periods of time can prevent diabetes and also help to dramatically lower blood sugar levels in the body of a diabetic patient.

It has been proved that taking about 2g of powdered ginger and turmeric daily helps to lower body sugars to substantial and healthy levels. Reports also show importance of ginger and turmeric in reduction of cholesterol levels within the body which proves helpful to those fighting obesity and diabetes.

Oral health benefits.Not only does this tea serve as a beverage but it also helps fight dental diseases such as gingivitis and periodontitis. Ginger turmeric tea does this by helping fight oral bacteria that are involved in mouth and throat infection. This makes sure that your throat, gums and teeth are protected from infection. Besides this ginger and turmeric can also be used as mouth wash.

They have been shown to be highly effective against tooth infection, reducing gum bleeding and removing plaques of food from the teeth, which may serve points of bacterial growth and infection. The effects of ginger turmeric mouth wash have also been shown to speed up healing of mouth ulcers, relieve their pain as well as prevent their occurrence.

Tumeric Ginger Tea

Relieve from coughing and nasal congestion in cold. Ginger turmeric tea relieves from symptoms of cold by reducing the irritation of cold weather that causes coughing and nasal congestion. Thus, taking a hot or warm cup of this tea proves beneficial during cold seasons.

DNA protection

DNA protection determines how body cells are able to fight disease as well as how long your body cells live. Ginger turmeric tea ensures that your body cells’ DNA is protected enhancing the ability of the cells to fight infection.

DNA protection also provides an anti-aging property by ensuring that body cells don’t die prematurely. Also the body cells produced are normal and their production is regulated ensuring reduced chances of producing defective cells which are key to the development of cancerous diseases.

Boosting immunity

With the combined properties as antioxidant and anti-inflammatory as well protecting cells’ DNA ginger turmeric tea proves essential in boosting the body’s immunity.

Stress relieving properties. Ginger turmeric tea has been scientifically proved to contain elements essential to health that help relieve your body from stress and also fatigue. These elements include micro elements such as magnesium and vitamins such as vitamin C. Drinking a cup of ginger turmeric tea will ensure that you are relieved of stress and fatigue, thus productive to the maximum during the day and whereas during the night you get quality sleep while in bed.

Tumeric Ginger Tea

Extra health benefits of turmeric

  • Turmeric provides anti-epileptic and anti-seizure properties. This helps in preventing occurrence of seizure and enhance the effect of epileptic drugs.
  • Turmeric has blood thinning properties that prevent blood from clotting inside your circulatory system.
  • Taking turmeric speeds up patient’s postoperative recovery.


Ginger turmeric tea has many health benefits to keep you strong and free from many preventable infections.

Taking a cup of ginger turmeric tea daily will ensure that your body’s immunity is up to the standard to fight infections, keep diseases like diabetes far from your body and reduce chances of getting cancer. Don’t forget also the stress relieving properties of ginger turmeric tea that will keep you relaxed and ensure that you are productive when you work.

With that knowledge in mind it is our hope that you will continue taking your daily cup of ginger turmeric tea and stay healthy.


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