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It is never a good feeling when you can’t get enough sleep is it? Sometimes you wake up in the middle of the night due to some reason and from then onwards it becomes a never ending struggle to sleep. The result? You end up being tired in the morning without enough sleep.

There is something you can do for the irregular or occasional insomnia. A lot of natural and artificial foods offer qualities which help you sleep better at night. Most of these foods are readily available in your kitchen. Let us have a look at all those potential foods for your sleep deprivation.


Our body produces chemicals Serotonin and Melatonin which regulate our sleeping and waking up. Wallnuts naturally contain melatonin and promote production of serotonin and melatonin so eating a handful of these should make you sleep peacefully.



Many cultures believe milk helps promote good night’s sleep. Scientifically, it contains amino acid tryptophan, which helps producing serotonin and melatonin in the body thereby inducing sleep. So start having that glass of milk grandma used to tell you about for a great night’s sleep.



Just like Wallnuts, Cherries contain melatonin which can help you put you to sleep. A lot of dieticians believe cherries are great to restore sleeping cycle for people experiencing insomnia or jet lag after intense travel. So have a bowl of cherries before you turn the lights off!


One of the reasons behind you not having a sound sleep might be a muscle cramp or fatigued muscles. Bananas are rich in potassium and magnesium which help muscles relax. This is why athletes prefer banana over energy drinks since they can help the muscles relax. Eating a banana before sleep should help your body relax and sleep peacefully.



Magnesium and Calcium are known to cure insomnia and since Almonds are rich in both, it makes Almonds ideal for sleep. Also, it is also believed that a deficiency of magnesium may make it harder for you sleep. So keep a bowl of almonds on your night stand and have a few before sleep to achieve the perfect sleep.



Vitamin B6 helps produce sleep inducing chemicals melatonin and serotonin. Fish like Tuna, Trout or Salmon contain good amounts of it. Further, Fish have Omega-3 and Vitamin D which when in combination promotes production of serotonin. Although the research of how Fish makes you sleep better is still yet to be concluded, eating some before bed may give you a deep sleep.

Steamed fish

White Rice

Eastern culture has white rice as a part of their daily diet. White rice has high glycemic index which means it increases your blood sugar very fast. It has been known from studies that foods with high glycemic index help promote deep sleep if taken about an hour before sleep.


Oatmeal is good source of melatonin. Apart from that, it also has high amount of carbohydrates which is excellent to make you dizzy if eaten before sleep. 


Chamomile tea

According to American Chemical Society, Chamomile tea is believed to increase glycin levels, a chemical which relaxes nerves and muscles. One of the studies done on mice concluded Chamomile to be as effective as tranquilizer. So having a cut of Chamomile tea for a better sleep makes sense apart from a refreshing taste. Many more studies have been conducted on it and have proven to be effective for inducing sleep.

Cottage cheese

Apart from being absolutely delicious, Cottage cheese contain amino acid tryptophan which can elevate the melatonin levels in your body. It is also known to have a milk protein called Casein which is known to repair muscles overnight when taken before sleep.

Cottage Cheese


According to a studies done by National Center for Biotechnology Information, kiwi is known to be a sleep promoter. Kiwi are known to contain Vitamin C and serotonin which are responsible for making it one of the best choices for foods that make you asleep fast.



Like Fish, Turkeys contain Amino acids Trypophan which can help build sleep inducing checmical melatonin. Turkey is known to induce the feeling tiredness after eating. It also contains phosphorous which works in relaxing muscles. This is why Turkey makes a viable choice to have before sleep.
These foods have been proven to promote deep sleep especially when taken in combination of one another. Try one yourself and find out how it changes your sleeping schedules.


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