10 Reasons Why Sugar is Bad For You



To many people, sugar and sugary substances are things which are so tempting and addictive. Whenever news is broadcasted about sugar most times, they reflect how lousy sugar is to your body. The truth remains sugar has a lot of harmful effects on the body, but also another truth is sugar has a lot of benefits to the body. One of the benefits sugar has to the body is, it adds energy to the body since it has high contents of calorie. For the sake of your skin and health maintenance, you need sugar because of its glycolic acid; it helps in blemish elimination and restoration of skin’s oil balance. Having seen how beneficial sugar can be to our bodies, it is also important to note that sugar has a lot of terrible effects on our bodies. Listed below are ten reasons why too much intake of sugar is inadequate for you.

1. Sugar has high fructose which can cause overload to the liver.

From the digestive tract, before sugar enters the bloodstream, it has to be broken into glucose and fructose. The latter is broken down in the liver, and when broken it turns to glycogen, this glycogen is stored in the liver till the body needs it.When glucose is too much in the liver, it overloads and turns the fructose into fats. Taking too much sugar will lead to fatty liver and always brings a lot of severe problems into your body.

2. Too much intake Sugar promotes tooth decay

Too much or added sugar contains a lot of calories which most of it has no essential nutrients. Sugar adds energy to the body, but it does not have proteins, vitamins or minerals and essential fats. Sugar is terrible for the teeth; it provides digestible energy for the harmful bacteria in the mouth. The harmful bacteria cause tooth decay hence causing problems to your body.


3. Sugar can cause insulin resistance

Insulin, a vital hormone in the body which allows glucose to get into cells from the bloodstream and hormones, communicates with the cells to burn glucose instead of fats. The harmful effect of sugar in this is having too much glucose in the blood which is detrimental because it causes adverse complications in the body such as having diabetes.

4. Sugar can cause cancer

Cancer is characterized by growth which is uncontrolled and cells that have multiplied; it is one of the most noteworthy illnesses that are causing deaths. The hormones produced and induced by insulin are the primary cause of this growth. A recent study done by Journal Nature communications described a relationship between sugar and tumours, and this was through a biologic mechanism in cells in yeast. Cancer cells support their reproduction which is rapids through metabolism rewiring for intake of glucose which is later fermented and helps in lactate production. In normal respiration, healthy cells continue to take glucose then break them into water and carbon dioxide. This fermentation of sugar to lactic acid usually has a production which is less 15 times in energy than the respiration sugars. The cycle in yeast cells shows the aggressiveness of cancer.

I can talk about this as I have had personal experience with cancer. I had a stomach tumour called a GIST which is basically a tumour inside your stomach, in my case was at the top of the stomach next to the esophagus which had its own challenges. However, I had to go for regular CT Scan and still do to this day need to go on a regular basis. Anyway back to the story, on one of my CT Scan’s after I had surgery and had my old tumour cut out, they discovered another similar shaped area which looked like a second tumour. The initial thoughts were that it was post surgery but the only way they could actually tell was to do something called a Petscan. A Petscan is like a CT but is slightly different. They inject you with a sugary based dye with some radiation. You have to sit in a chair for 45 minutes completely still just before the Petscan.

After that you need to into a CT Machine, not sure if it was the same machine, but it looked like a regular CT Scan machine and the hardest part was you couldn’t move for another 45 minutes, it was painful just need to not move at all. Byt the idea was that the dye they injected which was sugar based would be sucked up by cancer cells and the area which they were focusing on, would glow much brighter than any other area in the body hence the bit of radiation in your body.

5. Sugar has unique fat- promoting effects

Different foods that we take cause diverse impacts to the brain and hormones. Fructose received does not have same effects of satiety as glucose.Studies show that Fructose consumers have fewer activities of satiety in the brain centers and are usually hungry. This may lead to high consumption hence promoting unique fats which may in return bring adverse effects to the body

Body fat

6. Sugar is addictive

To many people, sugar can be addictive; sugar causes a release of dopamine; the released dopamine increases the addiction power and makes people susceptibility to addiction. Some of the addictive habits may be an addiction to junk food or sugary products. To many people, the release of dopamine in the head after intake of too much sugar can cause addiction, and later the addiction brings other body metabolism diseases.

7. Sugar can be a cause of obesity

People who have the high intake of sugar are likely to be obese. The release of dopamine in the brain promotes addiction, and this addiction leads to high consumption. When people consume more and more, they usually add too much weight which leads to obesity. To children intake of too much sugar can be risky, because a study was done that showed; children who take a serving of sugar-sweetened foods and drinks are at a 60% risk of getting obese. For people who are overweight and want to lose weight, one way to come out of this danger is to limit their intake of sugar.

8. Sugar raises cholesterol thus promoting heart attacks

Saturated fats have for centuries been blamed for heart diseases. The fats mounted may lead to heart disease problems, and this may lead to death.

9. Sugar can cause Leakey –gut and metabolic disease.

Sugar causes terrible side effects when it comes into contact with the gut, some micro-organisms in the gut act as a metabolic organ which is similar. The intake of too much sugar brings change to the microbiota, this is according to researchers and produces an increase in the intestinal permeability. Sugars trigger low-grade inflammation which is chronic that can lead to substances being transferred from the gut to the bloodstreams and this can trigger metabolic diseases and also cause obesity. A Leakey’s stomach created that is created by added sugar that feeds yeast and harmful bacteria thus causing damage to the intestinal wall.

10. Too much intake of sugar can cause impaired learning and memory

According to a study done by UCLA; it indicated that a diet that has too much of fructose could reduce the ability to remember and learn. This may also lead to blindness if caution or medication is not timely administered. To avoid damage to your body, a diet rich in omega -3 can be of great help.

Memory Loss


Sugar has many benefits to the body, but when it brings harm to the body, it may lose its goodness. Prevention is better than cure, taking foods and drinks with sugar with lots of caution can be useful to your body. Too much intake sugar can cause your body to react and maybe an onset of dreadful diseases; not to mention they would also lead to death.



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