7 Negative Effects of Coffee and The Healthy Drink to Replace it with

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Among all those caffeinated drinks, coffee is the most drunken beverage in a lot of countries around the world. Most Americans and people around the globe start off their day drinking a cup of coffee  and drink a couple more cups the whole day. The number of coffee addicts is noticeably high. Of course, coffee has some benefits in store for you, but it also has some negative side effects that can effect your health.

Though a cup or two doesn’t affect you that much, addiction to it might.

Here are seven negative effects of coffee described below to make you concerned about your daily consumption of coffee.

1. Indigestion

Most people drink coffee as a morning drink. They drink it on an empty stomach. This causes hydrochloric acid form in the stomach. Hydrochloric acid in the stomach is meant to digest foods we eat. But when a person drinks coffee in the morning and already forms this acid in the stomach, the acid doesn’t get food to digest. As a result, when he eats other meals during the day, the stomach cannot produce sufficient amount of hydrochloric acid. Thus the foods enter the intestine without breaking correctly, this causes indigestion, and upset stomach also causes bloating, abdominal cramps and other health problems.
Also, drinking coffee on an empty stomach increases acidity and the risk of getting an ulcer.

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2. Raises Blood pressure

Some medical researchers have stated that taking 150mg of coffee or more daily can slightly raise blood pressure.


3. Increase Blood Sugar level

Coffee increases the sugar level in blood. So for the diabetes patients, it is not recommended to drink coffee at all.


4. Acrylamide in coffee

Acrylamide is, as all of you know, a cancer-causing substance. Coffee beans are roasted before they are packaged for you. When they are roasted at high temperature, acrylamide gets formed in them. This is why those who drink coffee like an addict at a high amount, develops the risk of getting cancer in their system. The immune system also gets weaker.

5. Increases stress and tension

Though coffee gives you an instant energy boost, it isn’t that much of a good well-wisher of you. It increases your anxiety and stress. As a result, it gets difficult for you to relax and have some rest.


Stress from drinking too much coffee


6. Insomnia

As a gradual result of increasing stress due to consuming a lot of coffee daily, the consumer suffers from insomnia. Those who drink coffee before bedtime face difficulty in falling asleep fast.

Insomnia from Drinking Coffee

7. Increased Urination

Coffee decreases the ability to function correctly in your kidneys. As a result, it becomes unable to strain minerals accurately, and many of the essential minerals reach the bladder. Also, you have to go to the toilet more as you feel your bladder filled every single moment.


So, as you can see, coffee has a lot of adverse effects that are enough for you to replace it with any healthy alternatives. What could that be? Confused right?? I have got the answer for you. The answer is, “green tea.” Yes, you can replace coffee with green tea which is healthier and beneficial for you.

Green tea replacement for coffee

Green tea for coffee replacement

This drink offers you less amount of caffeine than regular coffee. It has got no such side effects as coffee got. Even you can drink it on an empty stomach; it won’t get a lot of hydrochloric acids formed. Good for you, isn’t it?Green tea

Green tea will give you the same boost that you used to get from coffee, but won’t affect your body with problems that coffee did.
• Protects the heart reducing the risks of many heart diseases.
• There are natural antioxidants and potent disease fighters in green tea. Those who want to stay healthy and also cannot skip their caffeinated beverages can take it as a healthy alternative.
• It increases your metabolism.
Green tea also reduces cholesterol levels.
• It lowers blood pressure which coffee did almost opposite.
• It reduces the risk of cancer.
• It reduces inflammation and improves your memory.
• It improves the density of bones.
• Prevent diabetes. Also improves your vision.
• It prevents tooth decay.
• Green tea deals with your stress and depression. There are specific amino acids present in green tea powder that gets you relieved from depression.

• Another drink worth considering is Apple Cider Vinegar, you can see more about this on our blog over here

• Or the superfood known as Beet Juice Tonic, also can be seen over here with more information about the topic

Green teaSo forget your confusion and replace coffee with green tea. It gives you a lot more benefits than all the odds that coffee does to you. Drink healthy, stay healthy!



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