Pain management for a Chronic Anal Fissure

Pain Management


Pain Management for Chronic Anal Fissure

I am going to try to provide you with some advice how to try manage your Chronic Anal Fissure. First off let me start, I had a Chronic Anal Fissure and was in chronic pain for over a year. I couldn’t sit down without being in pain, I couldn’t stand without being in pain, I couldn’t lie down without being in pain, everything I did basically would cause me to be in pain. Sometimes I would lie down, it would subside a little bit, but basically, I was constantly in pain no matter what I did.

Everyone is going to be different, so you ultimately you going to have to find what works for you. I will talk about various things I tried and I am pretty sure I tried everything, every position. One thing for sure know this, eventually, you will heal and eventually, the pain will stop. I know right now it may not seem so, but it will.

If you haven’t already gone to see your doctor please do and see if he/she can prescribe any pain medication. Also, go see a proctologist and in my case I went and saw two proctologists, just ask your doctor to prescribe you to an alternative proctologist if the one you see doesn’t seem to be working.


Unfortunately, neither proctologist actually ended up helping me I don’t think, I got two different creams from each one, each supposedly was supposed to do the trick, but neither one really did. The creams helped a little bit, probably more for the itching than the pain, but it may have helped a little bit with the pain as well. I guess we all different and we react differently to medication and creams. However, it was a good exercise to see more than one proctologist else I wouldn’t have tested the second type of medication and got a second opinion. Definitely, go get a second opinion, talk to as many people as you go, join forums and ask as many questions.


Things that Helped with the Pain and some other ideas

So in the back of my mind, three things stick out as helping me with the pain, these may or may not help, but I would suggest trying them.

1. Coconut Oil

This one is interesting and you likely have this in your home already. Coconut oil for some reason, immediately stops the pain, if you are in absolute agony definitely give this a try. Unfortunately, it does not have a long-lasting effect, it does immediately stop the pain for a short while, it may be enough to help you get thru the day or bump. The coconut oil we had came in hard chunks, I am not sure if it comes in liquid form or not, but it is the chunky version of it you want, this will help you insert it in. It melts pretty quickly, just put it in a plastic bowl/tub in the bathroom to keep it in so you don’t contaminate the batch in your kitchen and use it as many times as you need throughout the day. Coconut can be used for many things and is a good healing agent as well as a food source. You may be beneficial to even put it on your food as well as it may just help heal the body and your fissure possibly in other ways.

Coconut Oil

2. Sitz Baths

This didn’t really work for me or maybe I was doing it wrong, but I am sure it helped at least a little bit. My proctologist said putting your fissure in hot water is extremely bad for it and you should not do it, but if you in agony, I say do whatever you need to do to stop the pain. Try keep your baths lukewarm. His advice was don’t take a longer than 5-minute showers and keep it lukewarm else it will prevent it from healing. This does make some sense, so probably good advice.

Another he said which made some sense, he said fissures are basically skin conditions such as Eczema, I just happen also be an Eczema sufferer, so maybe he is right, which means avoiding certain foods, but assist in the healing, food for thought, literally.

3. Stretching your butt (Tabletop method)

This was given to me by my Osteopath as an exercise and it I think it really helped. I talk about this method more in my Chronic Anal Fissure blog. This may sound counterproductive, but stretching your butt from left to right made a huge difference. Basically, reach into loose-fitting patches (doesn’t work great with jeans, but you can still do it). When you sitting (Try to sit upright), pull your left cheek to the left and pull your right cheek to the right. Even now when I have a bad BM, this is the first thing I start doing. I recently had one and started with this exercise and I was back to normal in two days. Basically, you want to treat your butt like a flat table. You don’t want to squish or clench your butt, you want to stretch it out. If you sitting and you feel your butt is under pressure, then you are sitting incorrectly and should consider this method. You may not even realize you doing this until someone points it out to you, I certainly didn’t.

I sit a lot and I also recommend when you sitting, you sit on a pillow or cushion, even now I tend to make sure whenever I am sitting, I try to avoid hard services. I didn’t even realize I was putting pressure on my butt other than the more than obvious pain I was in in the clenching of my butt but was oblivious I was doing harm to it.


4. Drink some Wine

Not my recommendation as I am not a wine drinker, but I spend time on anal fissure forums assisting others with this condition and this is one of the recommendations is to have a glass of wine to try to relax.

5. Drink lots and lots of liquids (not just water)

One thing that was not obvious to me as no one really pointed it out, but it is more than obvious. Yes, I was told to drink lots of water, but other than the obvious that it keeps you hydrated etc. Basically the more liquid you can put in your body the more liquid has that has to come out and will ultimately make your stools softer. I could never really drink a lot of water, if you can, then try to get at least your 8 glasses of water in every day, this will just help everything with the flow.

If you like me and cannot drink a lot of water, then drink your favourite drink, whether this is fruit juice, water, tea, lemon water, milk, you name it. Just try and get liquids in your body. This will make your stools softer.

Avoid stool softners and realize this is not an overnight cure and is hard to realize it helps at all, but give it a few months and if you practise this will realize the benefits. Even now I self doubt, but trust me, get liquids into your body consistently, daily and hourly if possible. Not only will it help you with your fissure, it will help you with your general health.

6. Do not wash with soap

Do not wash your butt area with any soap, just avoid you, you don’t need to use soap in your butt area. Yes, you are probably raising your eyebrows, if any area probably needs soap it would be your butt. That being said, as my proctologists’ recommendation, I stopped use soap in that area, probably for 3 years ago and with no adverse effects. Especially if you use any sort of fragrant soap that could irritate your fissure. Even today, I just wash with warm water, I make sure I am clean, I stick my finger in my butt and make sure I am also clean. Just use water, you need nothing else in that area.

Bar of Soap

7. Keep Clean

This may not be obvious enough, but you probably know by now that it is important to keep your butt clean. Every time you have a BM you are in extreme agony, because of the feces get’s into the anal fissure causing you a lot of pain. It is not only because the fissure is stretching or tearing open again, but also because it is an open wound and it is getting feces in. You probably inserting cream into your anus now, just whenever you go for a BM, take a quick shower and stick your finger in to make sure it is clean as can be, this will help with the healing, it might also help with stretching. I read that someone starting inserting one and thentwo fingers into his anus to stretch it and this ultimately helped him fix his fissure because, over time he stretched it enough, it helped cure his fissure. I tried this but was too painful and I am not sure stretching it to that extent is a good idea.

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